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Get food that makes you fit, and feel good.

We know. With you busy lifestyle, getting great food isn't that easy. That's why we started Yummy Prepped.

Who said local food had to be unhealthy?

We've remade local delights to be a real treat - and really fit for you. 

Char Siao Noodles

Char Siew with a laugh ... get it?

Grab a seat. There, sit. This is the famous bowl of wanton mee you always dig into after getting home from a long flight - arriving at midnight, and thinking - where in Singapore is there still a wanton mee stall still open? Yup, it tastes just like home. 

This one, I tell you - you've got to get it.

Chickennn! Rice 

Chicken, extra loaded.

We caught extra big chickens just to make this one. Chicken rice is by far the best thing you can find at the hawker centre, but too often it's loaded with oils, and some nasty MSG to get you to eat more of it. So we cleaned it up, and made this the cleanest chicken rice you can find. 

Nasi Alamak 

This Nasi Lemak, no need face palm.

We get it. Good Nasi Lemak can be really hard to find. Especially if you find the ones with chili that's so spicy that it makes you perspire all over in the hot hawker centre, leaving you having to dab your forehead with the tissue, whilst having a sensible and intellectual conversation with your colleagues over lunch. 

This has all the flavour, all the spice, all at a nice size.

We've got more local delights :)

Dry laksa 

Yup, you got it. Laksa, without the sweltering soup that leaves you so drenched people wonder whether you went for a run at lunch. 

This is better though. Much tastier, with much more protein.

Mee Siam goreng yummy prepped

Mee siam mai hum

Did I hear you say... Mee Siam Mai Hum? Mai Hum mai hum. You got me singing... Okay we're kidding. Packing a flavourful punch with a fresh squeeze of lime juice, it's going to give you a perk me up after lunch.

Chickpea meets ham stew

If a chickpea met ham in the kitchen, what would happen? Stew. That's what would happen. Sorry. That was lame. But we were tired after dreaming of all these recipes. You won't be after eating them though.

Western... you ready?

So we wanted to make the best of the Western world too. From the countries that brought us beauties like baked rice, to pasta, we've got your classics covered.

Baked Curlies With Salmon

Okay. Curlies are pasta. Just my way of calling them. But the salmon chunks in here are huge. Really huge. You won't actually believe the size of the salmon we had to catch to put it in this pasta. Kidding. We didn't hunt any salmon, except in the supermarket. 

Beef Borg

Cyborg, beef-borg? You get it? No prizes if you don't. Full of tangy mince, coupled with pasta that's cooked al-dente, with the nice bouncy pasta still bouncing in your mouth, this is the perfect way to end off a cold hard day at work. 

Even More Western

beefy goulash

We stewed this beef for hours so that you'd get that tender beef that just tears away in your mouth. Not the easiest to do, but we'd do it for you.

nutrition kitchen menu review

oh my pork 

Grilled pork that's got a hint of pepper to give you that little spice kick for that mid-afternoon meeting. 

alfred's alfredo

Oooo who doesn't like cheese? Not you? Don't steal mine then. With the perfect melty cheese drizzled over pasta, topped with fresh vegetables, there's something here for everyone.

We even got our favourite Batman butler Alfred to make this lovely Alfredo for you.


How can we forget that almighty Thai green curry, that gets us all excited and hungry? 

Not Thai Green Curry - With chunky chicken, not stripped down bones

Gosh... Bibimbap with beef bulgogi. Still dreaming of that Korean superstar you're going to marry? This will get you a little closer to him, and possibly Heaven. 

Bibimbap with Beef Bulgogi - Beef that rhymes 

Don't get me started on Japan. Clean food, gorgeous food, beautiful food. With curry that's sweet, not too spicy, and perfect for your taste buds, this is the way to start off a hard afternoon.

Kawai Curry - Japanese curry that's cute. Enough said. 

Asia, coming your way.

butter chicken masala!

We love India for its spice, and everything nice. That's why we introduced this perfect combination of masala spice, together with the buttery, creamy chicken to add a special fusion into your stomach. 

edamame somme salad

edamame somen salad

Traumatised by Mummy asking you to eat your veggies. Not this time. Cold noodles, with a zest of lemon juice, and topped with crunchy edamame seeds, this is the perfect reason to eat more veggies. 

tom! kha gai?

What's that? You didn't expect this right - we actually made this from scratch, to prove our prowess. You will be blown away by the blend of spice, sweetness, and tanginess you will find in this soup.